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"I called this investing in love. After 2 years I've got engaged to the man of my dreams. Sharon's not only an amazing matchmaker but her relationship advice from start to finish was spot on. 
 Thank you from me and my family". Jill age 35

Sharon Kenny
I meet single people and help them find love. My youngest client is 25 and my eldest client is 84. We discuss what they are looking for and I meet every client face to face. Some people are just lonely, some are 2nd time around, some are just fed up with the pub scene,  and Tinder  and some are just making the wrong choices. I have that gut feeling where they are going wrong and I’m like their big sister who is passionate about finding them love. Are you ready?
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testimonials from My lovely clients
Take It From Our Clients:
"I am a private man and this is so outside my comfort zone but I will do it for Sharon. 

I met Fiona and thought how did I deserve such a fine lady. 

She really does tick all my boxes. 

It was not only the matchmaking but Sharon’s advice and encouragement was second to none."
Brian (aged 61)
“Sharon introduced to John 2 years ago. I have no doubt I would not be with him now only for her. She even helped me get back with him when we broke up. 

She could see what was missing and stopped me running away from the situation  

We have something very special and are getting married in August. Thanks Shazza for getting me to cop on”
Yvonne (AGED 29)
“Sharon met me at her home and made me instantly feel very comfortable. I was with another agency in town before and just felt like I was just another number so it was vital to me to feel that trust. We chatted & Sharon told me so much about myself that I had not realised. It made me a lot more confident about getting out there again. I did go on 3 dates and found them to tick most of my boxes. Funny... set up my second date with a pal and they are still together. When I met David, I really thought he was great fun. I'm married to him now."
MArie (aged 47)
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I'm the founder of - the dating agency dedicated to making love happen for you and coach to make sure it lasts. Don't put love on hold anymore. The amount of clients who say "I should have done this years ago!". 
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   Module 1 – Establishing a Successful Mindset
 15 mins/day training for the first week
 Starts with learning to love yourself. Understand your ‘Why’s and what you want
 Show yourself and be bold. Stop hiding who you really are! Just let your hair down and bring out the real you.
 Know who you want and how to get them.
 Love with true destiny, earth yourself and enjoy nature therapy every now and then
 Bid goodbye to your fears and insecurities by facing them.
 This module contains 3 of my favourite tools that have helped clients focus and succeed in life with a very positive attitude.
 Embrace the 3 circles: the life circle, meditation circle and gratitude circle.
 You can use this strategy in your working life and watch your soul flourish and bloom.
 Best meditation and breathing exercises for you.
 How to journal your life correctly so it heals you.
 How gratitude empowers us.
 Weekly Webinar Answers and Questions with The Matchmaker

 Module 2 - Know Your Story
 What motivates you in a relationship? What do you yearn for?
 Be brave and show your authentic self. Don't hide! Learn what you want and go for it.
 Know your “why, what, where and when”. Understand your passions and purpose.
 Develop emotional connection that brings it ALL together
 Start a relationship knowing your needs and values.
 Engage with your vulnerabilities and embrace them
 Increase your chances by over 67% by being awake and focused on the Passion B tool.
 This module is all about YOU! Know your passions and we will work on YOUR story.
 This is all about knowing your soul and bringing the best version of yourself forth.
 Weekly Webinar Answers and Questions with The Matchmaker

    Module 3 - Love is the Answer, Let's See You Take Action

 Bring your dreams to reality. Dream it. Achieve it.
 Be yourself with confidence. Show your personality and attract your better half!
 Let’s talk about compromising!
 Don’t always give in or give up but deal with fights and disagreements with respect and understanding.
 Distinguish your priorities and know that wrong priorities leads to wrong choices in a relationship.
 Date from a heart-centred approach and not an ego-centred approach.
 Authenticity leads to true love.
 Love your partner from the freedom within your heart
 How to do First Dates – Breaking the ice and how to connect
 Body language done with respect and confidence yet still fun and flirty
 36 Qs to love a night out and see you in action.
 Speak your mantra: I am....whatever you want to be. I always want you to keep kind in there.
 We get so wrapped up in ourselves it's vital to enjoy giving love as much as receiving it and believing it will come to you in abundance too
 Weekly Webinar Answers and Questions with The Matchmaker
Join the Matchmaker and team one Evening and let's see you in Action
Here's to loving and dating the right way!


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